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Rwanda is well-known as a very small country in the East and central Africa. Rwanda is also referred to as a  land of a ‘’thousand hills’’. Like Uganda, Rwanda is also a land locked country and has no Sea port. It neighbors countries like Burundi in the South, Uganda in the north, and Tanzania in the East and Congo in the West. Rwanda’s capital and its largest city is Kigali located within the heart of the country where all business centers meet, point entry and international air port are located. Rwanda as a country has a number of tourist attractions such as the 3 famous National parks with a wide biodiversity of wildlife to mention them include Parc Nationale Des Volcanoes, Nyungwe national park, and Akagera national park, other tourist sites in Rwanda include the National Genocide memorial sites, Lake Kivu and its surrounding nearby towns of Gisenyi and Kibuye, the Old Palace at Nyanza Museum in Butare, Craft villages among more other tourist sites. AboutRwanda.com presents the most comprehensive  travel and safari guide for this beautiful country to anyone who may want to take on a Rwanda Safari. This comprehensive tourism resource , provides assistance to travelers to Rwanda for Rwanda Safaris and tours, Rwanda National parks, Gorilla tours and Rwanda accommodation and hotels.



Rwanda’s History on Tourism:

The 1994 genocide and war greatly hurt the tourism sector of the economy, however due to diligent work by the government this has first become the leading industry. Apart from gorilla tracking tours, other interests on your Rwanda Safaris are cultural and heritage tourism, wildlife safaris to the national parks of Nyungwe national park, Akagera game park with its exquisite game lodge – Akagera game lodge. Lakes Kivu the deepest fresh water lake in the world, Burera and Ruhondo close to the Parc de volcanoes the center park for world’s closest pals. Gorilla families in volcanoes makes Rwanda your dream country for a world class tour, a variety of different animal species attract different people on an international basis for Rwanda tours hence a changing motive in your memory level.


The best time for gorilla and monkey tracking is the dry season, although they can also be tracked in the rain if only to spare you getting wet. The dry season is also good if you want to see game in Akagera National Park because thirst will draw the animals to the watering holes. You will also find at this time the roads are less dangerous and the risk of malaria is lower. The rainy season is the best time to see chimpanzees and is also the time when the place is at its most lush and green. Besides all that, Rwanda can be visited at any time of the year depending on your travel schedule and what to do. Rwanda Airports work 24/7 and its the easiest access to Rwanda and Kigali the Capital City of Rwanda.

A Safari in Rwanda! Rwanda is a country of a thousand hills, filled with lush vegetation and thick rain forests. The country is renowned for its mountain gorillas which inhabit Parc National de Volcanoes providing wonderful gorilla tracking adventures for those on safari to Rwanda – this is the Rwanda you will experience. Feel the thrill and adventure of a close encounter with wild mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys, buffalo and leopard treasure by choosing one of the Rwanda Safaris on this website. revealing Africa`s hottest new Eco-tourism destination for the adventurous & discerning traveler. The physical beauty of the country is unique on the African continent. Get to know how and what you need to know before Traveling

Despite Rwanda’s background, her culture has stayed untouched since precolonial times, Rwanda as a nation comprises of only one tribe of Banyarwanda people although it they initially had two tribes of the Twa and the Banyarwanda. But due to their small number, they are the list mentioned tribe in Rwanda and they take up 1% of the Rwandan Population. Rwandan share a single language and cultural heritage this explains well as to why their culture has with stood the test of times. Publicly Rwanda celebrates Eleven national holidays all year round besides other other that are occasionally inserted by the government for example Gorilla Naming ceremony.

After a horrifying 1994 Genocide, the government of Rwanda set aside a week of mourning for her fallen citizens she lost in the genocide this takes place a week following Genocide Memorial Day on 7 April [Read More »]

rwanda in the eyes of the elite
Education in Rwanda is typically under the direct governance of the government of Rwanda which looks into the education of Rwanda along with the Rwandan ministry of education. Education accounts for 15% of the national budget of which 9.5% is allocated to higher education. Rwanda’s minister of education is Hon. Dr. Vincent Biruta. Previously Rwanda’s education was poorly conducted due to very many years of civil wars, and other issues such as genocide, and AIDS overwhelmed the country. However all this has improved ever since the government of Rwanda started taking active interest in the country’s educational development and the government of Rwanda provide free education in state-run schools for 9 years including 6 years in primary and 3 years following a common secondary pragramme. And the programme is still running to extend free education to cover the final three secondary years. This helped to reduce on the illiteracy levels, although many poorer children still fail to attend school because of the necessity of purchasing uniforms and books. [Read More »]

rwanda history
Rwanda’s histoty was characteristed by a strong monarch Known as ‘The Kingdom of Rwanda’ just like like her counter part Uganda. But before that lengend has it that it was initially under a great empire of Bunyoro Kitara whose Rulers were the Batembuzi and the Chewzi who were believed to have been gods and demi-gods respectively.
Before is collapsed of the Empire, at the end of the reign the Chewzi. From then up to colonial era, Rwanda was under one kingdom and one tribe separated by classes between the ruling class and the subjects. and the Twa who are known to have been the original inhabitants of Rwanda.

Human occupation of Rwanda is thought to have started not long after the last ice age. By the sixteenth century, the tenants had composed into various kingdoms. In the nineteenth century, Mwami (The King) Rwabugiri of the Kingdom of Rwanda led a decades-long methodology of military success and managerial merging that brought about the kingdom coming to control a large portion of what is presently Rwanda. The pilgrim powers, first Germany and afterward Belgium, associated with the Rwandan court, permitting it to prevail over the staying self-ruling kingdoms along its outskirts and racializing the arrangement of minority Tutsi strength made under Rwabugiri. [Read More »]


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