Education in Rwanda is typically under the direct governance of the government of Rwanda which looks into the education of Rwanda along with the Rwandan ministry of education. Education accounts for 15% of the national budget of which 9.5% is allocated to higher education. Rwanda’s minister of education is Hon. Dr. Vincent Biruta. Previously Rwanda’s education was poorly conducted due to very many years of civil wars, and other issues such as genocide, and AIDS overwhelmed the country. However all this has improved ever since the government of Rwanda started taking active interest in the country’s educational development and the government of Rwanda provide free education in state-run schools for 9 years including 6 years in primary and 3 years following a common secondary pragramme. And the programme is still running to extend free education to cover the final three secondary years. This helped to reduce on the illiteracy levels, although many poorer children still fail to attend school because of the necessity of purchasing uniforms and books. There are many private schools across the county, some church- run and mosque- run, although follow the same syllabus but charge fees. Statistics of 2002-2013 academic years the first three years of primary education is Kinyarwanda in the fourth through sixth years. In the secondary school it’s English and French statistics for 2005-2006 this is because of the country’s increasing ties with the East African Community and the Commonwealth, only the English syllabus are now majorly offered.
Rwanda has a number of institutions of tertiary education, although the higher education segment is not fully developed and so the number of Rwanda Universities is few. Rwanda has twenty three institutions of higher education, eleven of them public and twelve private. It has two notable universities which include the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology, was set up in 1997; it is a special project of the Rwanda ministry of education and is sited in Kigali. It offers regular Bachelors and Masters Degree in Engineering. The other is called Universite Nationale du Rwanda or the national university of Rwanda which is situated in Butare and is a government run university set up in 1963 and offers regular Bachelors degree in Arts and Humanities, Business and Social science, Engineering, Medicine and Health, Language and Cultural science and Science and Technology. This university also offers masters degree in Medicine and Health, Business and social Science and Science and Technology These two universities have contributed in advancing the higher education sector of Rwanda and are acknowledged university. Other Rwanda higher education includes. Kigali Health Institute (KHI), School of Finance and Banking, Rwanda Teachers College ( RTC ), Tumba College of technology ( TCT ), Umutara Polytechnic (UP), Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD), Integrated polytechnic Regional Centre Kicukiro Campus ( IPRC ), ISAE Busogo to mention but a few. One’s education is often seen as a form of capital accumulation which helps in countries’ development. In Rwanda, the government put into practice policies over the years to ensure that there is a high literacy rate among the population. about77% of males and females are literate (those who can read and write) as compared to previous years which is a relatively high percentage. However, The education level, in Rwanda, remains low despite implementation of the policies such as mandatory education for primary school (6 years) and lower secondary schooling (3 years) that is run by state schools. The mean number of years that a Rwandan spends on education is 3.3 years, which is smaller than the expectation. It is also lower than the average years of schooling in developed countries and Sub-Saharan Africa, which are 10.0 years and 4.5 years respectively. Rwanda is ranked at be 152 out of a total of 169 countries under the Low Human Development according to the report of Human Development Index (HDI).

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