Rwanda National Park Fees

A Rwanda park fee varies according to the activities done at the park, at Nyunwe National Park an entrance fees cost US$20 per individual for a day and is collected for the non residents and foreign residents. The cost for […] Read More »


Rwanda is known as one of the east and central African countries to conserve wildlife and this is seen by the three national parks that are found in Rwanda. Wildlife conservation do with protecting endangered species such as plants, animals […] Read More »

Bird watching

Nyungwe is probably one of the most important bird watching destination in Rwanda with more than 280 bird species recorded of which the majority are forest specialists and 26 are regional endemics whose range is restricted to a few forests […] Read More »

Nyungwe Primate watching

The thirteen primate species which occur in Nyungwe represent something like 20-25% of the total number in Africa, a phenomenal figure which in east Africa is comparable only to Uganda‚Äôs Kibale forest. Further more, several of these primates are listed […] Read More »

Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe.

The Rwandan chimp population of at least 500 individuals is now thought to be confined to Nyungwe national park (including a small community in the Cyamudongo Forest), but it remains faintly possible that a small population recorded in the early […] Read More »

Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe is a true rain forest, typically receiving in excess of 2, 000 mm of precipitation annuary. It is also one of the oldest forests in Africa, which is one of the reason it boasts such a high level of diversity. Scientific opinion is that Nyungwe, along with other forests of the Albertine Rift, was largely unaffected by the drying up of the lowland areas during the last ice age, and thus become a refuge for forest plants and animals which have subsequently recolonised areas such as the Congo Basin. Read More »