Mountain Gorilla trekking Experience – Sabinyo Family

Sabinyo Mountain Gorilla Group

Among the 10 habituated groups in volcano national park, here is Sabinyo group that was introduced to us during the briefing by park warden and we were assigned to trek this family. Sabinyo group of gorilla found in volcano national […] Read More »

Watching Mountain Gorillas with the Sabyinyo gorilla group

With less than 800 mountain gorillas still leaving in the Uganda Rwanda and Congo national parks, going to see gorillas in the respective countries is a must do for today’s traveler. In the Volcanoes national park, after an early briefing […] Read More »

Visiting the Sabyinyo Gorilla Group in Rwanda’s Volcanoes NP

Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park forest is pretty enormous and breathtaking forest and meeting the mountain gorilla is the most and the big reason why travelers trek through the jungle to see the mysterious creatures. When visiting gorillas, its best to […] Read More »

Digit, Dian Fossey’s favorite gorilla

In case you didn’t know about Digit, it was Dian Fossey’s favorite mountain gorilla during her adventurous time in Rwanda. You may wonder how these different species connected with each other making other people to think that they are relatives. […] Read More »

Hotel Muhambura in Ruhengeri – Musaze

Hotel Muhambura is located in Musaze’s capital Rehegeri. It has got 30 roomed categorized into twin, double and single that and they are all self contained with warm showers to suit the visitors interest and provide comfort. Its the best […] Read More »

Volcano Mountain Hikking

The stunning volcanoes are once again open to visitors for a guided trek. There are several possibilities for trekking up to the summits of one or more of the volcanoes in the park. The trek ranges from several hours to […] Read More »

Ruhengeri Town

Ruhengeri is one of the popular cities of Rwanda. It is located in the District of Musaze in the Northern provice of Rwanda. Most Travellers come to Ruhengeri on their waty to Vocanoes National Park, the best place in Africa […] Read More »