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Although not well known by most travelers, golden monkeys are yet the second, most interesting attractions in Mgahinga after the mountain gorillas. The species are also known as Cercopithecus Mitis Kandti and exploring them is what makes a full tourism […] Read More »

Top unmissable Attractions to visit in Rwanda

Rwanda has been, is and will always be a beautiful destination for all the nature lovers and all the fun loving adventurous tourists, your tourism dreams will completely be fulfilled the day you will make up your mind and travel […] Read More »

More Conservation Efforts still required for the Eastern Low Land Mountain Gorillas of Kauzi Biega National Park Congo

Eastern Lowland Gorillas in Congo

There are several groups of gorillas in the whole world, which include the western lowland gorillas, the cross-river gorillas, Eastern lowland gorillas and the eastern mountain gorillas; the total of these gorilla groups is approximately 100,000 in the whole world. […] Read More »

Mountain Hiking in volcanoes national park Rwanda

Rwanda’s volcanoes national park is strategically placed in the Virunga mountain region comprising of a number of volcanic mountains, which are part of the great Virunga massif region. Volcanoes national park has 2 mountains, which are found with the volcanoes […] Read More »

Trekking with Chimpanzees in Nyungwe National Park on a Rwanda Safari

Nyungwe forest national park located in southwestern Rwanda is among the diverse ecosystems in the country a home to a number of primate species. Set a side from city noise and congestion, a day at Nyungwe forest national park is […] Read More »


Rwanda also referred to as ‘’the Land of a Thousand Hill” is a small landlocked country like its counterpart Uganda, it’s located in east-central Africa which is in the process of recovering from major ethnic conflict of the mid-1990s. Rwanda […] Read More »

Life Changing Encounters With The Primates In Rwanda

Rwanda is a landlocked country located in east Africa. It’s among the leading eco tourism destinations (famous for mountain gorilla safaris) on earth all thanks to a number of wildlife attractions the country has. Rwanda has wide area coverage of […] Read More »